Maryanne Frangules, ADA 29 panelist

July 18, 2019

"At MOAR, we believe that addiction is a public health issue rather than a criminal issue, but about 80% of MA inmates have a history of addiction. We support reforms that would result in more people with addictions getting treatment and support rather than just jail and collateral consequences," said Maryanne Frangules.

Maryanne Frangules has been Executive Director of Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery, MOAR, since 1999. On the national level, she serves on the board of Faces and Voices of Recovery. She has mentored many recovery community members to use their voice and to learn about their rights. As a person in recovery, Maryanne strongly believes that faces- who are visible; voices – who are vocal; will only prove that recovery is valuable to our communities.

Maryanne will discuss addiction and recovery through a public health lense and more during our upcoming panel discussion. If you are interested in learning more, check out our ADA 29 Anniversary Discussion Panel: The Forefront of Disability Rights for Addiction and Recovery