Addiction and Recovery

The ADA states that addiction is a disability. People with addiction to alcohol, and in recovery from opioids and other drugs have protections under the law. Learn about rights and responsibilities below!

Addiction, Recovery and the ADA PDF


This PDF addresses how the ADA applies to alcohol and substance use disorders, differently. These differences are illustrated with scenarios about alcohol, opioids, cocaine and marijuana. You will understand: the ADA’s definition of disability and how it applies to addiction and recovery; and the protections the ADA provides in employment, state and local government services and places of public accommodations.

The ADA, Addiction and Recovery Fact Sheet Series


The ADA National Network has released three fact sheets in our 'ADA, Addiction, and Recovery’ series! Learn more about how the ADA applies to people with addiction to alcohol and people in recovery from opioids and other drugs.

Addiction, Recovery and the ADA Magazine Article


Thirty years after the passage of the ADA, thousands of people in recovery are unaware of their civil rights under the law. It is critical for addiction professionals to be aware that the ADA has protections for the people they serve. This article helps professionals stay informed and provides those they serve with the information, support and advocacy to trigger those rights.

The ADA, Addiction and Recovery Frequently Asked Questions



The frequently asked questions (FAQs) were posed by people who attended our trainings. The FAQs are on the topics of: employment, state and local government, shelters, housing, recovery homes, healthcare, and businesses and non-profits.

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