18. Inaccessible Office Party

Oce: Hey, where’s Stacy?

Kathy: I don’t know, she said she was coming.

Ana:  She should be here by now.

David:  Well, this is the first time our company has a co-worker who uses a wheelchair.

Oce: you know, when Stacy found out that the Holiday party is at Rafael’s, she said, “What? Rafael’s is not accessible”.

Kathy: Yeah, didn’t she request that the party be moved to an accessible location?

Ana:  She did but management’s response was, “We already have our down payment at Rafael’s and we can’t get it back.  We will carry you up the front stairs”.

David:  oh how embarrassing. What if she needs to use the bathroom, is that accessible?

Kathy: I don’t think so, did anyone check to see if it’s accessible?

Oce:  I could barely get into the front door to the bathroom, it was so narrow.

David: Didn’t Stacy call the ADA Center to ask about what she should do?

Ana: Yeah, they said that she has a right to all workplace benefits including going to holiday parties.

David: I overheard Stacy call it a “reasonable accommodation”. 

Oce: Yeah, Stacy also said the employer has an obligation to provide it unless they can prove great difficulty or expense.

Ana:  So, the rental down payment must have been very steep if management couldn’t afford to lose it.

Oce: Oh come on… Oh my god…there’s Stacy!

Kathy: Hi Stacy, how did you get in?

Stacy:  This is the last time I’m ever carried into a party. I want everyone to know that the next holiday party will be at an accessible banquet hall and the bathrooms will also be accessible. Management has agreed to this. They know they have an obligation and they can afford it –actually, we ended up having a very good conversation.

Ana, David, Kathy & Oce: oh good, glad to hear it, etc….

Stacy: And for all of you out there listening, make sure your holiday party is held at an accessible location!

Stacy:  but Hey everyone, it’s a party-let’s dance!

Ana, David, Kathy & Oce : ok! Yeah! I’m in! Let’s go! etc….