20. Inaccessible Gyms

Stacy: Hey, how was your vacation?

Kathy: I had a great time. Good food, family, friends, and more food.  I am so glad to be back. I’ve been thinking about joining a gym.

Oce:  Can you do that??....join a gym?....I know my gym isn’t very accessible. 

Kathy:  I just found out that the ADA was recently updated, and recreation facilities including gyms are required to be accessible.

David: How so?

Kathy: Well, I know gyms must allow service animals to accompany their owners.

Oce: You’re going to take the dog into the gym??

Kathy: Yeah, I called the ADA Center and they said that gyms must allow service animals.

Oce: Have you seen a gym lately? It’s packed with equipment.

Gabriela: There is no place to park a wheelchair or a dog these days.

Kathy: The Center also said that the gym must have an accessible route so that you can get into the building, use the equipment and provide an extra space at some of the machines. It was intended for wheeled mobility, but I thought I’d park the dog there.

David: Hmm, maybe you should take your cane instead of the dog.

Kathy: You know the ADA Center also said that pools are required to have lifts or a slanted entry.

Oce: You’re not bringing the dog into the pool!

Kathy: oh no, the slanted entry will make it easier for me to enter the pool gradually.

Stacy: But, how will you be able to get around the gym without bumping into equipment-it’s tight in there.

Kathy: Well, at most gyms, the staff train newcomers on how to use the equipment. So during my training, I’ll become familiar with where everything is.

Stacy: Well, let me know how it goes.

David: I hope it works out.

Oce: yeah, me too!

Gabriela: I’ll come with you! I’ve been wanting to join a gym myself.

Stacy:  Not me, my dog ate my gym shoes.