Lise, Willa & Stacy Go to Russia to Consult on Inclusive Education

May 23, 2014

Stacy, Willa, Lise Dasha and Yulia being welcomed at a schoolAs part of the U.S. / Russia Peer to Peer Dialogue Program, a team from the Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD) traveled to Moscow for eight days. Working in partnership with the national Russian non-profit Perspektiva, the IHCD team of Lise Capet, Willa Crollius, and Stacy Hart visited schools (integrated and segragated schools of "defectology") to give workshops and meet with educators, parents and students to discuss methods of inclusive education and universal design tools for learning.  The visit follows the recent passage of national legislation requiring inclusive education of children with disabilities.

The Russian people and especially the staff of Perspektiva were welcoming and enthusiastic about our visit and in making Russia more welcoming and accessible to all of its citizens, with visible or hidden disabilities.  Like many countries, physical access remains a work progress but the IHCD marveled at the beauty of Moscow, especially its historic structures, public spaces and its gorgeous but completely inaccessible subway.  The IHCD team looks forward to continuing its dialogue and returning at a later date.


Pictured left to right: Lise, Willa, Stacy,  Dasha and Yulia