Re-branding Senior Centers to Attract Baby Boomers in Massachusetts

February 28, 2018

A recent Boston Globe Article focused on re-branding senior centers to attract baby boomers by offering programs like dance, yoga, hiking and canoeing. From New Bedford to Salem – a change is gonna come.

New England currently has the highest share of Baby Boomer in the US . And, Baby Boomers (ages 50-72) want to be out and about. We know that with age, comes disability:  whether physical, sensory, or cognitive. And the drive to remain active is alive and well in baby boomers.

Cities and towns are required to make programs, activities and services accessible to people with disabilities. Every day, the ADA Center staff answer questions about these requirements, such as, “How can we make the town pool and recreation areas accessible? How can we help people who are losing their hearing access town meetings?” With municipalities re-orienting themselves to baby boomers with disabilitiesthe ADA Center created a free on-line tool that helps understand and implement the ADA- the ADA Action Guide. It’s time to implement the ADA and enhance community participation for everyone!

If you have questions about your rights or obligations under the ADA, call I-800-949-4232.