State and Local Government (Title II) 2


Our town hall is open and requires everyone to wear a face mask. We recently had a person who said he has a disability and therefore can’t wear a mask. I am concerned about the safety of our staff and other people from the public. What should we do?


Because COVID-19 is a pandemic that puts customers’ and employees’ health at risk, state and local government can follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other public health authority guidance. As of the writing of this question September 2020, the CDC suggests face coverings or 6-feet of distance between people. If a customer can’t wear a mask, management should consider whether 6-feet distance can be maintained including during nonpeak times. If 6-feet can be maintained, the customer should be allowed to shop without a mask. If 6-feet can’t be maintained and a customer with a disability can’t wear a mask, the program staff should consider other reasonable modifications such as curbside meetings, online applications, or different types of face coverings. In rare instances, there may not be a reasonable modification that would allow a customer to participate in a safe manner without a mask.