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IHCD's New England ADA Center Seeks Consultant for Participatory Action Research

The Institute for Human Centered Design’s New England Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Center is seeking a Participatory Action Research (PAR) Consultant to help us learn how to engage Americans now left out of ADA services: specifically, people with disabilities in the Black, Indigenous and People-of-Color (BIPoC) communities. Our research approach will use survey and interview methods. We will employ grassroots community researchers from six BIPoC majority cities in MA (Boston and Chelsea), RI (Providence and Pawtucket), and in CT (Bridgeport and New Haven). The goal of our research is to: Learn how to engage BIPOC Americans with Disabilities with the ADA; Develop culturally responsive materials on the ADA for the BIPoC communities, and; Bring Americans now left out of the rights and assets of the ADA into the assets of the ADA. Ideal candidates should be located in southern New England.

IHCD’s New England ADA Center Seeks Research Consultant For Participatory Action Research.


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