Our Work

Our work meets the growing demands and the complex challenges of providing core services in the 21st century: ADA outreach, training, information and guidance, and capacity building.

ADA services are tailored to meet the needs and preferences of people with rights and people with responsibilities under the ADA including information and training products for individual, business and government needs at the local, regional and national levels.

Twenty-three years after the passage of the ADA, there has been important progress. But the goals of ‘maximum community participation’ are far from met. People with disabilities continue to face daily barriers in their lives. Despite comprehensive ADA network services in New England, there remain ADA knowledge and implementation gaps.

The New England ADA Center has expanded services with the following initiatives:

A set of new digital and interactive information tools that integrate recent ADA changes:

Addressing persistent gaps in the field with 'Learn by Doing' opportunities:

Two signature practices woven through our work:

1) Learning by doing, based on the experience that people absorb what they learn interactively. 

2) Engaging people with disabilities as ‘user-experts’ to advise on strategies and review products.

Benefits of our work:
Through every action, we build capacity in New England to use the ADA to support the full participation of people with disabilities in the community.

Please call us with your ADA questions 1-800-949-4232.