State Affiliates

State Affiliates provide information, training and guidance to individuals, businesses and government on the ADA at the state and local levels. The Affiliates are knowledgeable about information and referrals at the local level.

Meet our New England ADA Center State Affiliates:


ADA Coalition of Connecticut
(860) 800-2ADA (2232) (voice)


Alpha One
(800) 640-7200 (voice/TTY)


Massachusetts Office on Disability
(617) 727-7440 (voice/TTY)

New Hampshire 

Governor's Commission on Disabilities
(603) 271-2773 (voice/TTY)

Rhode Island

Governor's Commission on Disabilities
(401) 462-0102 (voice)
(401) 462-0101 (TTY/TDD)


Vermont Center for Independent Living
(802) 639-1522 (voice/TTY)